Nieuwe reeks ” Exercises in forgetting “

In samenwerking met enkele vrienden van RUBIA ( lanceerde ik een nieuwe fotoreeks.

lucschol_rubiaprints_nieuwecrop100220152Deze engelse tekst bundelt het concept en de techniek.

In 2012 Jasper Léonard bought a 1929 Zeiss Ikon Nettar camera in a thrift shop in Mortsel, a village near Antwerp. After a while he discovered that when folding the lens out a ray of light was coming through a tiny hole, overexposing part of the negative, causing a lens flare. Still, he continued working with this camera, intrigued by the aesthetics of the flare, but also by the coincidence of encountering it. This resulted in the series Exercises in forgetting – inspired by the dementia of his grandmother, his own bad memory and the expectation that when he grows old, he might become demented as well. Philosophically, this means breaking with an performance-driven society, letting go of expectations. By admitting the light flare Léonard consciously overwrites his own work, erases parts of his own achievements. Then, following the flow of whatever happens, he arrives somewhere new.

Meer info en eveneens een verkoop van prints kan via deze link :


Meer info over techniek/ locaties en wat ik denk dat er op de beelden staat… volgt later nog.

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